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Arthur Lambart

Entrepreneur, Town Councillor & Mayor

Keith Tankard
Updated: 14 October 2009
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DEATH NOTICE: see the Cape Archives, MOOC 6/9/474, No 1558.
OBITUARY: see the Daily Dispatch, 6.4.1903 and 9.4.1903.

Arthur Oliver Lambart was born in Hampton Court (Middlesex) in 1854.

He emigrated to the Cape Colony and settled in King William's Town in 1875, working for the merchandising firm of Dreyfus & Co. He then started his own business as a commercial broker.

In about 1883 he migrated to East London where he started the firm Lambart and Tremeer, brokers and landing, shipping and forwarding agents.

He was also at various times secretary to the Agricultural Society of East London and to the Chamber of Commerce. For a period of five years he was president to the Border Rugby Union.

Lambart was elected to the Town Council in March 1893 as a representative for Ward 2. John Gately attempted to block his election on the grounds that he was an "unrehabilitated insolvent" but failed because the regulations referred only to a councillor who became insolvent while in office.

In February 1896 he failed to gain re-election but was elected for Ward 4 in November that year in place of Charles Humphrey, although he resigned a month later after having attended only two meetings. He was returned unopposed for Ward 2 in August 1898 and was re-elected in February 1901.

Lambart became Deputy Mayor in January 1900 after John Stacey had resigned. He was elected with the narrow majority of four votes to three over Alfred Webb in a questionable decision as he apparently did not have the necessary property qualifications even to sit on the Council.

He was elected Mayor in 1900, 1901 and again in 1902 and in that capacity played a prominent role in supplying refugee relief during the South Africa War.

He resigned in November 1902 to take up the position of Government nominee on the Harbour Board and was thereupon elected Deputy Mayor instead.

He resigned as councillor in March 1903 because he was due to take long leave but died of pneumonia on 4 April, at the age of 49.

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