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Alexander Dallas

Attorney & Town Councillor

Keith Tankard
Updated: 24 October 2009
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Alexander Peters Dallas, the youngest son of James and grandson of John Dallas, was born at East London in October 1881 and educated at Pastor Muller's Public School in East London. He then went to Dale College in King William's Town, a school with a far greater reputation than the local one.

Unlike his father and grandfather who worked for the Convict Department, Alexander decided to become an attorney. He was articled to the local firm Lance and Wakefield and qualified in 1907.

He thereupon became an attorney, notary public and conveyancer in the firm Dallas and Lewis at East London. He was also agent for the Yorkshire Insurance Company and a member of the East London Divisional Council.

Alexander Dallas's formative teenage years took place during the 1890's Golden Age of East London. He thereupon witnessed the post-Boer War economic slump and lived through the harsh years of the Great War.

Another post-war downturn hit the city in the very early 1920s before a short period of prosperity arrived. This, however, was followed by the Great Depression of 1929, arguably the worst in modern history.

Alexander was the third member of the Dallas family to go into local politics when he was elected for Ward 1 in February 1908. He was then still a youngster and had presumably been inspired by family tradition to enter the Municipal Council.

He was re-elected unopposed in 1911 but his seat became vacant in December that year because of his continued absence through ill-health.

He attempted to re-enter the Council in February 1914 but lost narrowly. He won a seat again in 1916 and remained a member until 1921.

He died after a long and painful illness on 27 July 1950, at the age of 68, and was buried at East London.

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