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Meet the creators!

Hello! I'm Keith Tankard. My wife is Rosann. Graeme is my son. We are the creators of the Labyrinth of East London Lore!

I'm a retired professor — the American word for me — with a doctorate in History and plenty experience in the teaching of History and English, and in using the Internet as a research tool.

I have taught at various academies and schools in South Africa, including many years at Rhodes University in the Eastern Cape.

Rosann is a teacher, with a degree in languages and an Honours degree in Education. She offers advice on teaching English as a Second Language.

Graeme is a computer scientist with an Honours degree from Rhodes University. He's involved in web-related technologies. Like his father, he believes strongly in innovation.

If you enjoy this site, or find it useful in any way, please let us know. A postcard from you would be especially nice.

We can be contacted at any of the addresses given below:

Dr Keith Tankard
P.O. Box 2851
Beacon Bay
East London

phone: +27 43 748 2087